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Paperback, Pages. This item has not been rated yet. In , a Spearfish Lake kid walked into a patch of jungle in Vietnam, and was never seen again.

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Age Verification The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. Please verify your birth date to continue. Kay Schallenkamp last spring for her approval. Since the cuts were not distributed evenly across. Swarm Days funding took the smallest cut with a 7 percent decrease. UP Team also retained most of their funding—down 13 percent from last year.

That will likely be the case for the theatre program if funding is not increased. Without larger productions, the theatre major will be in jeopardy. We're small enough that you can learn everything. In the big theatre schools October is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. He said one of the assaults took place on university property — in one of the residence halls - the other two assaults happened off campus but were reported to university authorities because students were involved. Peshek said that is not all. He said there is a yearly review of campus safety. Peshek said every fall members of faculty, the student senate, and other university personnel take a walk and canvas all cam-.

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  • Here you learn to be a specialist, and we've had many graduates go on to get jobs in real theatre because of their vast knowledge from the program here," explained theatre student Melissa Barnard. Without these productions, the necessary skills can't be taught. As of yet, nothing has been decided. He said the new LED lights are brighter and will burn longer than current bulbs. Staying safe is a priority for all students — on campus and off. Black Hills State University has been ranked for Best for Vets for fouryear colleges and not to mention the Military Times named it one of the best business schools for vets for two years.

    So if your student vet and need a place to meet new friends who are like you, or you need a place just to hang out and study check out the new and improved Veterans Center.

    With A Little Help by Wes Boyd | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

    This past summer three interns were involved in the sustainability coordination helping publicize sustainability achievements on campus and were also doing hands-on-work relating to sustainability. The Wellmark Foundation provides grants for community efforts of better eating and growing local food that made the internships possible. The organization is involved in helping local health initiatives through providing assistance to public entities like Black Hills State University. The efforts of having sustainability interns have been a new development on campus. But to sum it up, I have learned the reasons behind organic farming and how connected the agriculture is in this community.

    These internships have been a good step towards the local food initiative this year and in past years. More than meals were served at this event and it kicked off the push for a celebratory attitude towards locally grown food. Partnering with the Wellmark Foundation has been unique because it is bringing passionate community organizers together with like-minded. There has also been various partnerships through these internships. Supplement funding has been provided by Facilities Services at BHSU so the students could be involved in working in the campus garden. There were various other community projects that have been.

    The students developed a relationship with Cycle Farm, helping build a clay and strawbale greenhouse. There were other projects done by the interns such as transplanting in Bear Butte Gardens in Sturgis and doing carbon footprint reports on campus. There will also be three more interns as a part of the Wellmark Foundation grant in the spring of this school year.

    Misty Bunnell Humans are creatures of their emotions. Anger can be invoked with only a word. But what emotion is more important? According to recent studies, it is happiness. In an article on youbeauty.

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    This can be seen in many posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. People argue, complain and tell their sad stories every day on the Internet. These emotions can move rapidly in a short amount of time - just as news about a celebrity hits the Internet and goes viral. Some recent studies have ranked happiness, joy and awe as the fastest traveling emotions in social media. A study from Beihang University in China found that joy travels faster than other emotions but rage could move almost as quickly.

    Anger drives people into motion, to take action and respond. Yet it is not the most shared emotion on the Internet. Another study by the University of California in San Diego created a database to monitor posts on social media. There was enough information in the study to prove that emotions spread quickly online and that positive emotions spread more than negative ones. Jonah Berger, a professor of marketing at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, performed a similar study and discovered an emotion that was bigger than anger and it was awe. Awe is the feeling of wonder and excitement that come from encountering great beauty or knowledge.

    He said this positive emotional connection drives us to share. The tune is something that makes people happy and want to share it with others. Even if it does not make sense, it makes one want to share the joy with others. Stormy Thomas, a mother of four, explained that she deletes negative post and comments from her Facebook page. She prefers to hear and see good things and is more likely to pass them on to others. Thomas says she is more likely to share the joys of others in her social media circles. With the negative things that happen in the world, it is nice to see some positives.

    Are the posts on Facebook. It does not matter the reason.

    People want to share theirs and others' joy. It restores ones faith in humanity.

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    With everyone being emotional, it is easy to see why social media is alive and well with passion. There may be anger and sadness but happiness goes viral quicker. Choose happiness. When they order a specialty coffee from any coffee shop there is a lot of excess sugar.

    The average specialty coffee contains around 60 grams of sugar. According to sugarstacks. Sugar should compliment coffee, never take it over. Hot drinks tend to have less sugar in them than blended drinks such as Frappuccinos. When milk, whipped cream and pumps of sugar are added to the drinks it all starts to add up. Coffee enthusiast Kris Monroe has worked in coffee shops all over the country.