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Kb1 ] Bd5 3. Sxd4 [4. Sc2 ] b3 4. Bxb3 [5. Sc2 ] 4…Be4 5. Bicolour Bristol. SKb2 Sd3 1. SKh8 Rh1 1. Bxd5 3. Bc4 5.

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Ke5 9. Kd4 In the last move Black plays and mates. Nice mate, difficult for the solvers. Be5 cxb6 Rg6 2. Bxh7 Sf6 Sg8 3. Se3 Rxg8 Bc4 2. Rxb4 b3 b5 3.


In Anti- Take and Make the captured piece makes a move. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :.

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Ian Kingston Illustrator. John Upham Photographer. It appears every month, and each issue is packed with in depth and informative content about the chess world. You will find high quality games and analysis, reports on recent tournaments, articles and analysis about chess openings, interviews, authoritative and independent book reviews, instructional articles and regular features on chess problems and endgame studies. The British Chess Magazine has a unique focus on the British chess scene, and collaborates with the English Chess Federation, while also covering major chess news and events on the international scene.

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And great pictures bring The British Chess Magazine to colourful life! All in all, the British Chess Magazine is a must read and the best choice for chess players and enthusiasts of all ages and abilities - and makes a great present for any player whatever his or her age or standard of play. Rosanes and A.

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Anderssen Breslau, , which seems to have appeared in books before it was published in magazines:. The essential information came out in at least two stages. I wonder whether the game is also present in the first edition, which was published in with only Dufresne named as author, as listed by van der Linde in volume two of his Geschichte und Litteratur des Schachspiels Berlin, , page Can a more precise date for the game be found? Is there a documented explanation as to why the game appeared in books but not in the Deutsche Schachzeitung or the Neue Berliner Schachzeitung?

Can readers find earlier occurrences? Our correspondent adds that on 15 July the column in the Bulletin had published, without details of the occasion, another game with the same opening, the players being Huch and Bode:.

British Chess Magazine is the world’s oldest chess journal, published continuously since 1881

Following the recent expanded version of C. In analysis without sight of the board Alekhine remarked that Rfe8 was the only move permitting Black to prolong resistance. An alternative line given was The critical move is indeed Rfe8 but, for the record, Mr Rundqvist mentions the result of a computer check: Rfe8 allows mate in nine moves, there is a mate in eight after Rd2, and the move permitting Black to survive the longest is Among the nineteenth-century books which identified White as Samuel Mieses we were particularly interested to note Chess Exemplified by William John Greenwell London, because of a comment on page So now, not only Rosanes and Mieses but a third name, Minckwitz.

Freeborough and C.

Ranken London, , and the relevant page is shown below, courtesy of Michael Clapham Ipswich, England :. For example, below is page of the fourth edition London, :. For this game Leonhardt won the first brilliancy prize of Marks. He appeared, with Alekhine, in a group photograph on page of the August BCM ; see too page of the December issue. Returning to Monosson v Fauque, we conclude by showing the discussion conducted by Walter Korn on page of the November Chess Review :.

The following comes from the bottom of page The academic chess club was mentioned on page 68 of the January Deutsche Schachzeitung , where S. Mieses and Rosanes were named as members of the board.

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The book was published in Berlin in according to the title page but had already been mentioned on page of the Neue Berliner Schachzeitung , October Mr Anderberg has provided all the pages referred to above, and we have incorporated them into a feature article, Rosanes v Anderssen, Breslau, Further to the discussion in C. Richter took over the editorship in January Black and Frank J.

Marshall in the 13 March issue of the New York Herald :. The occasion was the United States versus Great Britain cable match on 11 and 12 March, a ten-board contest in which Black and Marshall were the only victors on the American side. Mr Blackstone also points out an article about I. The first page:.

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Black played Be6, with overwhelming threats to the white king at f1. Yet all that is exactly what also happened in the [above] game, played the year before Fischer was born. It was played in Warsaw on 28 June in a match between Warsaw and Cracow. Russner and K. Walcker won the championship of Cracow in and came second in The other score in the column was a friendly game played in the Cracow Chess Club:.

Efim Bogoljubow — K. Walcker Cracow, 14 April Giuoco Piano. Below is the news item quoted in C.