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I have an estimated timeline, but please bear in mind this is just an estimate. My schedules almost always tend to slip a little bit, generally at the beta reader stage. May 18, in Uncategorized 3 comments. Virtually everything else is on hold in the meantime. A simplified version of this concept is that all of the major elements of the mystery are presented to the reader in advance, so that theoretically the reader can solve the mystery alongside the protagonists.

This is an essential part of the experience of the mystery for some of the people who read it. To a certain subset of the fantasy reader base, a detailed magic system that is applied in a consistent way allows for a fantasy story to have a similar style of appeal.

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When a character learns a new spell, or picks up a new super power, or finds an item, a reader of a fair play fantasy can try to think about how the protagonist might cleverly use that new thing to solve problems later in the story. The clearer the system framework in place, the easier it is to accurately predict how magic can be used to solve problems. These are simply knobs for the author to turn, and in some cases, a degree of flexibility allows for both the writer to be more creative and for the reader to have a harder but still possible problem to solve.

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At the end of the episode, Batman tricks one of his usual antagonists — Two Face — by using a trick coin he had hidden in his utility belt. There are several ways to make this fair play, with different pros and cons. Some of these can be combined. No foreshadowing in the episode itself. The viewer is supposed to know the character already from previous episodes. This relies on long-term continuity of characters and capabilities, rather than making the episode self-contained.

Character foreshadowing. He knows about Two Face having a thing for flipping a coin and using it for determining how he is going to behave. For some readers, this might be sufficient in itself. Light item foreshadowing. Early in the episode, we could see him working with his utility belt in the bat cave and filling it with items. This foreshadows that the belt itself, and the objects within, might be used to solve the problem. Heavy item foreshadowing. In this case, we could literally see Batman putting a coin into his utility belt at some point in the episode, or perhaps playing with a trick coin under other circumstances.

Character and item foreshadowing can be combined and often will be to make a clearer picture, if fair play is the goal. The coin was the obvious solution. But you were so distracted by the coin that you missed the tracking device. Some watchers are thrilled by the twist because they caught it. When Harvey took the briefcase, Batman had already put the tracking device in it! That can be part of the fun, too.

What — you remember when I said that Zatarra taught Batman transposition magic, right? Regardless, I hope this helps illustrate the concept of why some of us enjoy hard magic in fantasy.

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Blog at WordPress. Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson. Subscribe to feed. Broken Mirrors Andrew Rowe's Blog. Home About Mailing List Subscribe to feed. There are several reasons why I went this route: The first draft is about , words. There are a lot of mysteries in this book that I think fans will enjoy speculating about between books.

Who is that mysterious masked hero of justice? This lets me get back to work on Arcane Ascension 3 much sooner.

That puts me at mid-October for sending out beta copies. That usually takes about a month. Hey everyone! I hope everyone enjoys the book!

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I hope people enjoy the book! You can find the book here. August Status August 2, in Uncategorized 11 comments. Hey everyone, Some quick updates. Either way, I expect it out soon. I made some progress on Weapons and Wielders 2. I made a little progress on Arcane Ascension 3 as well.

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Thanks, everyone! Hope you have a great month. Best, Andrew. Updates June 30, in Uncategorized 20 comments. I sent it out in phases. The first beta maybe more like an alpha only went to a few people, mostly my immediate family. I consider the book to still be on schedule for a launch sometime around September. I did make some progress on the third Arcane Ascension book, but not a lot.

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  7. I made more progress on Diamantine, which seems to come to me a little more easily. I expect this one to be about as long as Sufficiently Advanced Magic, unless I cut it in half. Which I might — shorter books on a regular schedule is often better for readers. Thanks for your patience. This is the least likely book for me to ever touch again. This was a finished book and probably could have been published. You might see some similarities to a certain other magic system of mine there.

    It does, however, have serious flaws. That was the last book I finished before Forging Divinity. Finally , my first draft for Defying Destiny is done. I hope that people enjoy the final product when it comes out. My estimated timeline is as follows: About a week for self-editing. Sending to beta readers around June 1st.

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