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While the first rubber raft for riding a river's whitewater is thought to have been built in the s, it wasn't until a century later that the first commercial whitewater operation started. And it wasn't until that companies first attempted the Zambezi River below Victoria Falls. The gist: climbing has become so popular it will make its debut at the Tokyo Olympics in Bouldering, one of the climbing events you'll see in the Olympic games, is when people climb to heights of 20ft or less without ropes or harnesses safety mats are often used.

Climb any higher without wearing safety equipment and you're into the realm of free solo climbing. Where to try it: popularised in North America, indoor bouldering centres with low walls to minimise injuries can now be found everywhere from Great Britain to Germany.

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For an outdoors experience, give it a try in Squamish , British Colombia, or Fontainebleau in France. If you want to make your first solo swim official, register your witnessed attempt with the IISA. The gist: often included as part of an eco-tour, zip-lining is the act of traversing an incline via a pulley attached to a suspended cable. Zip lines are also known as zip slides and flying foxes. The gist: also known as canyoneering and river trekking, this sport encourages participants to use a variety of techniques including climbing and rappelling to traverse scenic canyons.

Where to try it: canyoning is traditionally performed on a mountain with flowing water — there are plenty in Germany, France, Ecuador, Colombia and Norway. So Cal Adventure Co will show you how to rappel down waterfalls, scramble among the rocks and hike through rough and rugged terrain. Flowriding is similar to surfing, snowboarding and wakeboarding but is practised on an artificial wave machine which pumps a powerful three-inch layer of water at speeds usually between mph. Flowriding is a competitive sport with the two divisions being bodyboarding and flowboarding.

Riders can also perform tricks whilst flowriding, making it an interesting and easy accessible sport. Skimboards are very similar to surfboards but are smaller and do not have fins. Boarders will carry out a variety of surface and air manoeuvres whilst on the board. Skimboarding differs from surfing as it involves starting on the beach by placing the skimboard on the thin wash of previous waves, it is then down to the rider to use their momentum to get to the breaking waves which they will then catch — as surfers do. A great sport to get into alongside surfing to advance existing skills, skimboarding is an extremely fun and adventurous sport.

Participants sit on a giant inflatable which is referred to as either a water trampoline or a blob, another participant then jumps on the inflatable blob and the person already on the blog is launched into the water. A hilarious water sport that is commonly used at summer camps in the USA. The greatest height achieved from blobbing is 22 metres which was a Guinness World Record in — definitely one to beat! Otherwise known as extreme pogo, this action packed sport involves using a pogo stick to perform dangerous and skillful moves. A popular extreme sport to watch, it is fairly new to the scene but becoming an increasingly popular challenge to some adrenaline junkies.

Skateboarding involves riding on a skateboard to perform jumps and other tricks, often on a ramp. Said to be an art form by many, extreme skateboarding involves an incredible amount of skill, strength and practice. Sandboarding is very similar to snowboarding apart from the fact it is performed on sand.

Extreme sports for beginners

Riders will ride down a dune whilst standing on a board usually strapped to their feet. Sandboards are specifically designed to slide freely through the sand therefore the base to the board is a lot harder than a snowboard. Otherwise known as Volcano surfing or ash boarding, this sport is practised on the slopes of a volcano. Surfers usually hike up to the top of the volcano and surf down either sitting or standing on a board. There are, of course, a lot of risks involved, such as being hit by falling lava or breathing in poisonous gases.

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The volcanic ash can also cut the surfer so protective clothing and goggles should be worn when volcano surfing. This is a fun activity that even children can get involved with. Zorbing is the act of rolling down a hill in a giant inflatable ball — otherwise known as an orb. Zorbing can also be done on water where the inflatable ball floats on the water. Harnessing is not recommended for those who get travel sick though! Riders use a street luge board to power through the tracks at high speeds. An exhilarating and dangerous sport that needs a high level of skill and knowledge to prevent accidents.

1. Mountain Biking

One of the more technically challenging extreme sports, caving involves exploring the many caves around the world — the challenge all depends on the cave that is being explored. Conditions can be dark with various uneven surfaces, water hazards and small spaces. Often disregarded as an extreme sport due to the slow paced exploration nature of caving, there are various dangers involved to this activity as well as dedication, practice and knowledge but as with all extreme sports it depends how extreme you go, which location you choose and how you to choose to practise.

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Developed from military training, the idea of Parkour is to get from one point to another without using any aid. Usually practised in complex locations, participants must use running, climbing and jumping to their greatest ability in order to overcome natural or urban hurdles. Fascinating to watch this sport involves movements very similar to those practised in martial arts.

Parkour needs a lot of body strength, balance and problem solving skills in order to navigate from point to point. Typically held in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Southern France, Running of the Bulls involves running in front of a cattle of bulls weighing in at around kg that have been let loose on the streets, there are usually around six bulls to run. Abseiling is a controlled vertical drop off of a rock face using a rope and other climbing equipment.

Ice climbing is often practised on features such as icefalls, frozen waterfalls, cliffs and rock slabs covered with frozen ice. Depending on the type of ice and feature that is being climbed, the climber will choose specialised equipment to help them reach the top of the feature.

Watch a beginner try out extreme sports across New Zealand

Equipment ranges from specific ice climbing boots, ice axes and ice screws. A spectacular hobby to get into for a sense of adventure that also requires problem solving. Climbers can either climb across natural rock or artificial rock walls, indoors or outdoors. A fantastic sport that involves a lot of body strength, endurance and problem solving skills, rock climbing is usually possible to practise all year round with an array of indoor climbing centres and outdoor climbing walls. Many avid climbers will venture on a climbing holiday to spectacular locations around the world to put their skills into practise on natural climbing walls.

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  6. Hang glider pilots are suspended from their gliders by a harness and the pilot usually launches into the air from a hill which is facing into the wind to successfully lift off. If there are no cliffs available it is also possible to launch by being towed by a motorised winch on the land. Paragliding is a recreational sport using a paraglider.

    The pilot sits in a harness which is connected to a fabric wing, the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing allow the glider to fly for hours covering hundreds of miles.

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    A calming sport which provides the same freedom as hang gliding but that is easier to land and a more lightweight ride. This hugely popular extreme sport, involves the skydiver jumping out of an airplane midflight and using a parachute to land safely to the ground. Known to be addictive and a common charity fundraiser activity skydiving is easily obtainable and can be done with little training if the jump is supported by an experienced diver.

    The clue is in the name with canyon swinging. The participant lowers themselves down a cliff, usually by around m, and a specially designed system then allows you to swing vertically and horizontally. Once the jumper has jumped from the structure the elastic cord bounces before coming to stillness. Jumps are taken head first given a free-falling sensation before being rebounded by the elastic cord.

    Base Jumping involves either parachuting or using a wingsuit to fly from a fixed structure.

    Base is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth which are the various objects jumpers can launch off of. One of the most dangerous extreme sports, Base Jumping is even illegal in some counties. We suggest you do your research before attempting this one. Using a wingsuit which allows you to glide through the air, this is a popular thrilling activity. The wingsuit has material between the legs and arms providing a larger surface area than the standard human body, therefore providing ample lift.

    The best extreme outdoor adventures in America

    A zip-line is a long piece of cable which is attached to a pulley. The participant sits on the pulley and is propelled by gravity from one end of the cable to the other. Most zip-lines are in stunning locations, whether it is through rainforests or oceans they are guaranteed to provide a fun and exhilarating experience.

    A type of skydiving, freeflying involves the traditional belt to earth falling position however this extends into a vertical position where the skydiver falls feet first or head first. Have you or has anyone you know tried an extreme sport? What are the most popular extreme sports in your country? Now, watch the video to find out more about extreme sports. Transcript Extreme sports are popular all over the UK. Carmen : Hi, Pas. Pas : Hi, Carmen. Carmen : So why do people like dangerous sports? Carmen : So, are you an adrenalin junkie? Carmen : So Rebecca, why do you like parkour?