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Some prefer to ditch standard controllers and use a racing wheel. The only person that knows what controller is best for you is you. Each console comes with a standard controller, but there are third-party console accessories available, including controllers. Perhaps one of them fits your needs better than the Microsoft , Sony , and Nintendo offerings. Try different controllers while at a friend's house, at an electronics retailer, or in a video game store like GameStop.

There's a difference between arcade racing games and simulation racing games. The biggest difference is that an arcade-style racing game plays freely, while a simulation racing game is structured. Most racing titles fall under either the arcade or simulation sub-genres, but many contain elements of both, as well as gameplay mechanics from other types of racing games.

For example, Electronic Arts Need For Speed series is considered an arcade racer, but it also has elements of the street racing game genre. The importance of this is two-fold.

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First, it shows how racing games are evolving. Second, it serves as a prime example of the range of gameplay types available in one video game. A racing line is the ideal route to take while driving on a track and includes tactics such as cutting corners and veering to the left slightly before a right turn to maintain higher speeds. Learn these tactics as you play and become familiar with the various courses, tracks, and routes. Sliding the rear end of your vehicle around a corner is considered drifting. While it may get you around an upcoming turn a bit easier, it should be used sparingly.

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  • Some games award you in some fashion for drifting, and taking a corner at mph is fun, but it will ultimately slow you down. Brakes are meant to slow you down. When used properly, brakes help you reach higher speeds through curves and corners. Most racing games have a standard brake and an e-brake. Use the standard brakes when taking moderate corners, no brakes when taking light curves, and use the e-brake when you're going too fast to complete the turn without smacking into something.

    The 10 Best Racing Games to Play on Your Mobile Device

    Using the e-brake during a hard turn results in drifting and slows you down. When braking, throttle the brakes like you would in a real-world situation. Holding the brake down fully for a short amount of time slows you down. Proper braking in racing games gives you more control and allows you to hit the racing lines dead on. Not every game supports drafting following another car closely to gain speed using their trailing wind. You played a cybernetic werewolf who was trying to save his father from the clutches of an evil corporation bent on using his research for nefarious purposes.

    On paper, yes, it was pretty dull and yes, the gameplay did get a bit repetitive, but what made Wolfchild interesting was just how bleak and gritty it felt playing it. When compared to the cutesy, cuddly, warm and inviting nature of the NES, this was the antidote. Why Zool was so good was because of just how smooth and sleak the game played. It's important to remember that, at that time, smoothness of the experience was a big draw. Anyone who played the Master System port of Mortal Kombat can tell you just how glitchy and unplayable it was.

    You kids don't know how good you have it with your 60 frames per second.

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    There were a few exceptions, here and there, and Olympic Gold: Barcelona '92 was one such exception. With clear, well-made mechanics and a beautifully rendered graphics system, Barcelona '92 also perfected the mini-game system that the likes of California Games for the NES began.


    Whether it was down to the graphics card or the fact that developers were more interested in longer form games, the Master System didn't do racing games all that much. Maybe it's because this and the next entry pretty much nailed the whole experience in one setting. As well as this, you also had a wildly changing background, driving from day to night and back again and the fact that you had a blonde lady as your passenger.

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    Simpler times, really. Where OutRun had effortless cool with its Miami Vice-esque visuals, Micromachines was pure speed and dexterity with a controller. What you needed to play Micromachine was concentration. Reaction time was a factor and the fact that there were no clearly defined rules as to going in on and off track meant that if you were playing against someone, you had to be able to adapt.

    Playing on your own meant that it was about learning the layout of each track in advance. The fact that these tracks were actually people's dinner tables didn't really dawn on us. It was the early '90s - everything looked weird back then. It's a real testament to the programming skills that James Pond II: Robocod looked so slick and graphically superior to almost any other game on the Master System.

    Also, the fact that you were a half-fish, half-Robocop inspired character helped a lot. Of course, if you were that age, there was no way you were supposed to know what Robocop was. In a way, it's amazing.

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    • The makers behind this game knew that young kids were watching ridiculously violent films and decided to force a talking fish into that framework. Amazing, really. Oh, and one stage in the game saw you in a flying bathtub. As it turned out, Alex The Kidd and his weird, giant ears never transported to the bit era and we're all the lesser for it.