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Sure, it seems like a no-brainer that Prince Harry would want to settle down with Meghan. But Racioppi says this level of commitment was in the cards for Prince Harry all along.

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He also has a Taurus moon, indicating that when he makes a choice he's fully committed. To no surprise, Meghan and Harry share several key traits including their passion to serve others.

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But here's where they differ: Meghan's a social butterfly whereas Prince Harry likes to keep to himself we're just as shocked as you are. She needs to hash out problems by talking through them," says Wright.

Meghan's also rather unconventional for a royal — from her outfit choices to her comfort with PDA. Their wedding date — May 19 — is a pretty big deal to astrologers.

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They're focus will be on solving the Earth's problems with resources and homelessness. So yes, Harry and Meghan will work hard to solve all of the world's greatest problems but that won't take away from their desire to start a family by now we know, it's a priority of theirs. However, Wright clarifies that this "confusion" may simply be due to intense media speculation.

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As parents, Meghan and Harry may initially struggle to balance parenthood , philanthropy, and other professional endeavors. Regardless, Wright and Racioppi agree that this couple is the real deal.

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It is shaped by the natural rhythms at work on the precise day you were born. The Book of Birthdays , written by acclaimed British astrologer Russell Grant, shows you how to use this exciting astrological breakthrough to achieve a more dynamic understanding of yourself, your mate, and your world.

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