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UAE has the distinction of having the maximum number of JCI accredited hospitals under various heads.

The outbound can be categorised into two segments - the local population citizens of UAE and the expats. The locals prefer to go to European destinations like the U. The expats prefer to go back to their home countries for treatment. Mexico is most reputed for advanced care in dentistry and cosmetic surgery. In comparison to US health costs, patients can save 30 to 60 percent on health costs in Canada. In the early s, Americans illegally using counterfeit, borrowed, or fraudulently obtained Canadian health insurance cards to obtain free healthcare in Canada became a serious issue due to the high costs it imposed.

Both are in San Jose, Costa Rica. The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions in reported a cost savings average of between percent of US prices. A report of McKinsey and Co. Several major medical centers and teaching hospitals offer international patient centers that cater to patients from foreign countries who seek medical treatment in the US. Ctrip 's Online Medical Tourism Report indicates that the number of travelers who enroll in the oversea medical tourism through its platform increased fivefold over the previous year, and more than , Chinese visitors are expected to go on medical tourism.

Medical tourism is a growing sector in India.

The Globalization Of Health Care: Legal And Ethical Issues

India is becoming the 2nd medical tourism destination after Thailand. An estimated , of these travel to India for low-priced healthcare procedures every year. Cosmetic surgery , bariatric surgery , knee cap replacements , liver transplants , and cancer treatments are some of the most sought out medical tourism procedures chosen by foreigners.

Singapore has a dozen hospitals and health centers with JCI accreditation. Foreigners seeking treatment for everything from open-heart surgery to fertility treatments have made Thailand and its accredited hospitals a popular destination for medical tourism, attracting an estimated 2.

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In , Thailand registered 3. In , this number grew to 3. In , it was ruled that under the conditions of the E European health scheme, UK health authorities had to pay the bill if one of their patients could establish urgent medical reasons for seeking quicker treatment in another European union country. Azerbaijan is a target of health tourists from Iran, Turkey, Georgia and Russia. The Bona Dea International Hospital in Baku was built in to attract international custom, and has staff from various European countries. Croatia has some claims to be the oldest health tourism destination in Europe, as the Hygienic Association of Hvar was founded in On December 9, , the City of Helsinki decided that all minors under the age of 18 and all pregnant mothers living in Helsinki without a valid visa or residence permit are granted the right to the same health care and at the same price as all citizens of the city.

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  • This service will be available sometime early year Volunteer doctors of Global Clinic have tried to help these people, for whom only acute care has been available. This means that the Finnish health care system is open for all people coming outside of the European Union. The service covers special child health care, maternity clinics and specialist medical care etc.

    It is still unclear if this will increase so called health care tourism, because all you have to do is come to Helsinki as a tourist and let the visa expire. The Global Clinic in Turku offers health care for all undocumented immigrants for free. British NHS patients have been offered treatment in France to reduce waiting lists for hip, knee and cataract surgery since The number of patients is growing, and in , France scored 7 in the Medical Tourism Index. In there were said to be around , foreign patients who brought more than 1. Some were visitors who fell ill unexpectedly, but it is estimated that more than 40 percent came for planned treatment, the majority from Poland, the Netherlands or France.

    There have long been medical tourists from the Middle East.

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    University hospitals and the large municipal clinics, such as University Hospital Freiburg or Vivantes in Berlin, are the most popular destinations. The Hallwang Clinic GmbH is said to be the most high profile clinic in the European private cancer industry, centred in Germany, which attracts patients from the US, the UK, Australia and the Middle East, [99] offering a variety of different treatments, some of which do not appear to be evidence based; the clinic has been accused of selling false hope. Health Tourism Lithuania, a booking agent, was established in , focusing on the Scandinavian market, but in in response to longer waiting lists in the NHS noticed an increase in enquiries about hip replacements, in addition to the existing interest in cosmetic surgery and dentistry from Britons.

    Serbia has a variety of clinics catering to medical tourists in areas of cosmetic surgery, dental care, fertility treatment and weight loss procedures. In his address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation dated March 1, , Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed the need to develop health care and export services in the field of medicine and tourism. The cost of medical recourses in Turkey is quite affordable compared to Western European countries. Therefore, thousands of people each year travel to Turkey for their medical treatments.

    It only applies to those coming specifically for treatment. The National Health Service is publicly owned. It attracts medical tourism principally to specialist centres in London. Some private hospitals and clinics in the United Kingdom are medical tourism destinations. The vast majority of medical tourism in the UK is attracted to London where there are 25 private hospitals and clinics and 12 private patient units run by NHS hospital trusts. Medical tourists treated as private patients by NHS trusts are more profitable than UK private patients, yielding close to a quarter of the revenue from only seven percent of volume of cases.

    UK dental patients largely go to Hungary and Poland. Fertility tourists mostly travel to Eastern Europe, Cyprus and Spain. Those not able to provide satisfactory documents would be sent to the trust's overseas patient team "for specialist document screening, in liaison with the UK Border Agency and the Home Office. Only 50 were not eligible for free NHS treatment.

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      Retrieved The Guardian. Retrieved July 1, Retrieved September 5, Int J Fertil Womens Med. Int J Gynaecol Obstet. Kaiser Health News. Kaiser Family Foundation. Retrieved 14 August Cornell Law Review. Telegraph Media Group. The Telegraph. Retrieved 28 April I do not see this as negative; to the contrary, I believe, or perhaps more accurately hope, that this will compel a revision in the way s that research is approached and executed.