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The professionalization of the study of history in the Nineteenth Century made possible a new way of thinking about the history of philosophy: the thought emerged that philosophy itself might be relative to time, historical culture, and nationality. Towards the late Nineteenth Century, philosophers began to explicitly address the worry that all philosophical systems This paper compares two key figures in late-nineteenth-century debates concerning historical relativism: Wilhelm Windelband and Wilhelm Dilthey.

Beneath the deep disagreements between these two authors, it reveals their common concern to immunize philosophy from the threat of historical relativism. The paper traces how both philosophers sought to fend off relativism by defending the idea of an ahistorical and permanent stratum of philosophical thinking. This relativism turned out to be rooted not in the historicity of philosophy but in the timeless essence of philosophical reasoning itself. Hermeneutics in Continental Philosophy. Philosophy of Religion. Charles Sanders Peirce in 19th Century Philosophy.

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Religious Inclusivism and Exclusivism in Philosophy of Religion. This paper proposes philosophical hermeneutics as an alternative way of reading of postcolonial literature. Arts and Humanities, Misc in Arts and Humanities. Hans-Georg Gadamer in Continental Philosophy. Literature in Arts and Humanities. This paper is part of a broader project in which I investigate autobiographical experiences and transcribed memories. Specifically, this essay analyzes the potential linkages between philosophical ideas and everyday social existence.

Then, in analyzing The general scope of this essay is neither to contribute to the systematization of the concept of Bildung nor to discuss potential commonalities within the realm of interpretative contributions to this notion. Instead, I demonstrate that thinkers cannot measure this concept with a set of fixed criteria and, finally, I propose a critical understanding of Bildung through a dialogue of theoria and praxis. Philosophy of Education in Philosophy of Social Science. This is on hermeneutics and is the second instalment of this ongoing project. Christianity, Misc in Philosophy of Religion.

Hermeneutics, Misc in Continental Philosophy. Religious Studies in Arts and Humanities. Such pragmatism also timely examines how formalists err by committing the reverse errors.

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Drawing on insights from James, Peirce, Putnam, Rorty, Gadamer, Derrida, and others, such hermeneutic pragmatism explores 1 the necessary role of both internal and objective experience in meaning, 2 the resulting instrumental nature of concepts required to deal with such experience, 3 the Named after the Greek goddess of good order, the human Eunomia represents the reasonable judge excellently versed in among other things legal theory, legal practice, linguistics, and philosophy of language. American Pragmatism, Misc in Philosophy of the Americas.

Methodology of Jurisprudence, Misc in Philosophy of Law. Richard Rorty in 20th Century Philosophy. William James in 19th Century Philosophy.

Studies in Continental Thought

Friedrich Nietzsche in 19th Century Philosophy. Latin American Philosophy in Philosophy of the Americas. This essay defends an account of reading, developed by Stanley Cavell and Hans-Georg Gadamer, that phenomenologically describes the experience of acquiring self-knowledge by reading literary texts. Two possible criticisms of this account will be considered: first, that reading can provide other kinds of knowledge than self-knowledge; and, second, that the theory involves illegitimately imposing subjective meaning onto a text.

It will be argued, in response, that the self-knowledge gained in reading allows one to Continental Aesthetics in Continental Philosophy. Philosophy of Literature in Aesthetics. Stanley Cavell in 20th Century Philosophy. English title: Gadamer's interpretation of the Aristotelian Protrepticus.

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These qualities are on An introduction to the philosophy of Maurice Merleau-Ponty which guides through the three main phases of his work. Both for beginners and for confirmed scholars. A phenomenological reflection on central aspects of Christian revelation: the practice of faith, the obligation and role of the baptized Christian, the gift of the sacraments, the future of Catholicism, the role of the Christian intellectual, examined always in light of their inherent rationality and relationship to philosophical reason.

Jean Wahl occupies a singular position in 20th Century French philosophy, introducing, in many cases for the first time in France, the works of major German philosophers. It traces such process in Neoplatonic mysticism, German idealism, and Afro-Caribbean philosophy with the end of politicizing the mystical figure from the standpoint of coloniality.

This book investigates the form of spirituality given shape in the intersection of poetics and theological-philosophical reflection, concerned especially with matters of representation and failure. Don Ihde, contemporary postphenomenological philosopher of science and technology—technoscience—examines the important philosophical role of Husserl, here in relation to technologies, and his classical phenomenology. He advances a Catholic hermeneutic of the body and the voice, a phenomenology of believing, and a metaphysical movement from human finitude and contingency to conversion and transformation via the overlay of the God-man.

The abyss, force, chaos, eros, animality and even bestiality, are fundamental aspects of human beings that neither philosophy not theology can safely ignore. We need to question today "in a way that responds to the needs of our time" Vatican II the meaning of "this is my body.

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Carnal hermeneutics offers a philosophical approach to the body as interpretation. It engages our finite, spatio-temporal being-in-the-world through an account of meanings involving corporeal sensation, orientation, and linguistic articulation, and transcends the traditional dualism of rational understanding and embodied sensibility, arguing that our most carnal sensations are already interpretations.

Aesthetics of Negativity William S.

Studies in Continental Thought

Allen William S. A rigorous and many-layered study of the works of Blanchot and Adorno in terms of the relation between negativity and autonomy in the work of art with particular reference to literature, which yields a thinking of materiality in language as an ambiguous force of critique and innovation. Quiet Powers of the Possible Tarek R. Dika, W. Dika and W. Chris Hackett.

A book of interviews with contemporary French phenomenologists; introduces the reader to the present state of contemporary French phenomenology in all its dimensions through the voices of its most significant figures living today. Commiserating with Devastated Things Jason M. Wirth Jason M.