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Unless The Lord Builds the House | Devotional

There will be praise and worship and times in which people can pray with you. The day is designed to equip you so that you can let God have His Way with you and deepen your relationship with Him. Jesus is calling you! What are the Charisms of the Holy Spirit?

Unless The Lord Shall Build the House

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Unless the LORD builds a house.

Whenever we leave the Lord out of our labor, we sabotage our own endeavors and undermine our own hard work. God is the source of success in whatever we seek to do and all of our efforts are in vain without Him. This is so true. Obviously, those who build a house must labor on it, and the watchman of a city must stay awake in responsible fashion. At the same time, they must carry out their efforts in faith—trusting God to make the work prosperous.

"Unless The Lord Builds The House"

Wisdom promotes diligence but clarifies that diligence is neither greed nor restless anxiety Proverbs ; —5. Diligence is the act of working with all that is in us because our faith and trust is in the notion that God does use our efforts to contribute to outcomes only He can establish—things that are bigger than our abilities and beyond our control.

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Thus, God gave us the Sabbath commandment Exodus —11 as a gift to enable us to live by faith and trust Him for His sufficiency in all of our hard work and with all of our inadequacies. He is the Master Builder, beloved.

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